Dewi David World War One Letters

The Dewi David Letters written to his parents and sister while serving in the Near East during World War One are now available to be seen by scholars and other interested parties in the Imperial War Museum, London. Fifty in all and totalling more than 120,000 words they tell those back home of his experiences while serving on Gallipoli, in Egypt and Sinai, and on the march through the Judaean Hills to Jeruslaem, captured by British forces under General Allenby in December 1917.

The letters can also be found in published transcript in Tell Mum Not to Worry: The Letters (ISBN 978-0-9930982-1-5). The letters have also been used in extract form to illustrate an account of the campaigns in the Near East 1915-1919 of the 53rd (Welsh) Division in which Dewi David served, as a sapper in the Royal Engineers. Tell Mum Not to Worry: A Welsh Soldier’s War in the Near East 1915-1919.( ISBN 978-0-9930982-0-8)